Sun Salutations are a series of postures is a Yoga practice incorporating a sequence of gracefully linked asanas that they contain standing postures, forward bends, a backbend, a strength move and an inversion. When done consciously, they can become hypnotically meditative, as you float from pose to pose to the rhythm of your breath.

These flowing practices increase flexibility and boost energy flow in the body. This is so essential also for preparing the body for asanas (yoga poses) through warming the body. The sequence has countless benefits helping us connect our movement to our breath while building strength, warmth, and awareness throughout the entire body. However, with improper alignment or lack of muscle engagement, we could harm ourselves.

So, this workshop is about exploring and building on the basics, the benefits and the beauty of the Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) sequence.

In my workshops we look deep into each of the poses involved in this sequence. We practice special breathing techniques. I pay attention to each practitioner to ensure proper alignment, and teaching modifications to safely move through the poses, building warmth and energy in the body and the mind, as well as working towards connecting to our higher selves in the process.

I teach:
-How to support your body safely in the individual poses of a Sun Salutation
-How to transition between the poses to create a flowing sequence
-Relationships between each energy point in the chakra system
-Using breathing techniques to link movements with mindfulness.
-Exercises that build strength and increase flexibility to support the body in each of the poses.
-The history and meaning that is embodied in the Sun Salutation

I do Surya Namaskara workshop regularly. Stay in touch for next one.


A one-day workshop exploring yoga, meditation, and whole food plant-based nutrition giving you the tools to adopt and integrate healthy, enjoyable and sustainable practices into your daily life. Nourish yourself, and cultivate greater balance – through movement, meditation, and healthy eating!

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