The Matwork classes are designed to learn Pilates principles by basic movements and breathing patterns that strengthen the body, increase flexibility and mobilise joints. The aim is to improve core strength, endurance and control. Exercises are selected that challenge mobility and stabilisation through movements that add flexibility and suppleness to the body. Regular matwork practice will improve your posture, body strength and energy levels.

It works best to get in touch and complete an exploratory one-to-one session first, but classes are structured to accommodate walk-in beginners who will be given homework to help them get up to speed quickly. This will build on the basic core strengthening exercises that prepare beginners for intermediate exercises. In all classes modifications and progressions are given out individually when required.


There is a Men only class! Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates, a German fitness instructor, boxer and self defence coach. Many professional sportsmen use Pilates in their routine to build overall strength, increase flexibility and core strength as well as improve posture, help recovery from injury or lower back pain, and improve energy levels. Whatever your background, if you’re new to Pilates it makes sense to take an exploratory one-to-one private class before joining the group classes.


If you are keen to join a Pilates group class, first consider booking an exploratory one-to-one session that teaches the basics in a personal fitness assessment format. Please get in touch for more details.

PRICE for PILATES CLASSES (1 hour)Pay per class    £10
6 Class Pass  £50 (valid for 10 weeks)
One to One    £35 (depending on travel

Student discount is available

*Please note: Class schedules, places are subject to change at any time. Please check online at facebook/ebruevrim.yoga.pilates, email me or call me for updated information and details.