Benefits of one to ones

  • Specific to you and your needs
  • Full attention of the instructor
  • Learn a bespoke exercise routine that you can do at home
  • Ask as many questions as you like about the exercises so you fully understand them
  • Practice sport specific exercises

For Pilates

It is advisable to have a one to one session before you begin a Pilates course so that I can assess you and decide the best class for you. I will then know you and your body well enough to help you get more out of your classes. My clients often decide to continue with one-to-one sessions while they attend group classes; sometimes they prefer to continue alone. You can do this however you wish either weekly, monthly or as and when suits you. I will give you a list of exercises to carry on with while you are at home so you can continue your Pilates practice in between one-to-ones or classes.

For Yoga

You can take a one-to-one class to understand and deepen the poses with full attention to personal adjustments.


1 Hour Session –starts from £ 35.00

OFFER: Buy 6 Sessions get one free – £ 210.00
If you sign up for a course after your one to one you get your first class free.